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The automotive manufacturing industry has always been a demanding market, and today the requirement for value, efficiency and cost savings is even greater than ever.  At the same time the need for a higher level of paint quality and surface appearance is essential in this competitive environment.

By working in close cooperation with the leading paint manufacturers we are able to develop specific formulations tailored to the new coatings that optimize the polishing process.  This assists the paint area manager when implementing a new coating system and ensures a smooth transition.  When scratch-resistant clear coat systems were developed, conventional polishes were unable to eliminate the sanding defect. Menzerna took the lead in designing an innovative new polishing system that was successful on scratch-resistant clear coats while achieving even higher levels of surface quality and gloss.

Established polishing lines benefit from the faster process times, cleaner work area due to less dusting, and elimination of hazing or holograms usually found with less advanced polishing systems.

For an example of the benefits of the Menzerna system, please see our case study.

We look forward to implimenting our advanced technology finessing system to your production line.


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