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There is no shortage of car care products available to the professional detailer nor the dedicated consumer.  Some brands have been around forever while others offer the flashiest new technologies straight from the lab to your favorite home improvement warehouse.  While any of these products can do a fair job of making a car appear shiny, chances are paint problems are only being temporarily hidden, only to show up again in a matter of days.  If you are a respected detail shop with your reputation at stake, you cannot afford to have your customer return with swirl marks and a frown.  And the car enthusiast that dedicated an entire weekend to a full detail wants their car finish to make it past the following weekend without looking like they used steel wool for a buffing pad.

We offer a simple solution for both the professional detailer and the individual car enthusiast.  Instead of using a detail or consumer grade product, use the polish that was probably used when the car was being manufactured:  Menzerna.  MenzernaUSA introduced our OEM grade professional line products to the detail/reconditioning market only a few years ago and is now know as the leader for high performance defect repair on all clear coat systems.


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