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Paint Defect Repair Back to Automotive

Restoring a damaged vehicle to a new condition involves a multitude of operations performed by skilled technicians using specialized tools and machines.  After many hours spent on estimates, insurance negotiation, ordering of parts and supplies and the labor to correct the damage the vehicle is finally ready to be delivered to the customer.  Ultimately the most noticeable aspect of the entire job is the paint finish.  So it only makes sense to use a coating repair system that demonstrates the quality of the work you put into the job – Menzerna.

The Menzerna system offers many benefits that contribute to the success of your work:

  • Swift removal of sanding scratch defects

  • Low dusting and easy clean up

  • Reduced slinging of product

  • Exceptional high gloss

  • Complete elimination of haze and holograms

  • Compatible with all clear coat systems, including scratch-resistant clear

  • Satisfied customers that only come back to say thanks!

Our body shop process is a simple two-step system that consists of compounding and polishing. We offer the choice of our standard high value Final Finish, or for critical jobs with dark colors we recommend our Super Finish system. Either way your results will set you apart from the competition.

For product information about the Menzerna line of liquid compound and polishes, see our summary chart.

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