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As a manufacturer of polishing materials exclusively for over 120 years, Menzerna is uniquely positioned in the automotive industry with the expertise to provide polishing solutions for a wide range of surface finishing applications.  With an extensive history of high quality product manufacturing and innovation combined with the knowledge gained through countless man-hours of application engineering, Menzerna remains the polishing materials leader in the automotive industry.

The automotive industry has relied on Menzerna to develop new products and processes that adapt to the ever-changing coatings technologies.  And as the formulations of coatings evolve to provide greater protection of finished surfaces, the demands on the polishing systems are greater still.  Not only are these requirements being fulfilled with innovative new products, productivity and efficiency is being improved as well.

The benefits from these new product developments go well beyond the original target application.  Products and systems that were designed for one specific application many times have proven to have characteristics beneficial for many other surfaces and markets.  These innovations and creative solutions are well known by our customers who have come to rely on Menzerna as their partner in this dynamic field.  We look forward to being a part of your solution.

MenzernaUSA has identified a range of products that are maintained in stock and can address any automotive polishing requirement.  Our product summary for liquid compounds and polishes makes it easy to identify some of the properties of each product.




FG 400 - FastGloss PO400

Fast Gloss high-performance compound is the industry leading solution for PBE, Detail Reconditioning and industrial polishing applications. With the ability to eliminate a 1200 grit sanding mark and leave a high-gloss finish in one step, Fast Gloss compound has set a new standard for efficiency, performance and labor savings.

Body shops can now use one product to quickly eliminate sanding marks using rotary or DA machines with wool or foam compounding pads. Dusting has been significantly reduced making clean up virtually unnecessary. If necessary on dark colors for critical polishing jobs a final polish such as Final Finish 3000 or Super Finish 4000 can be used, totally eliminating any hint of buffing marks, haze or holograms. For the Marine market Fast Gloss will eliminate oxidation on chalky gel coat leaving the finish ready for a protective coating of wax.

Fast Gloss 400 is the new flagship product in the MenzernaUSA line and the future of polishing compound technology that you can use today.



PG 1000 - PowerGloss S34A

PowerGloss is our fast-cutting compound designed to eliminate 1500 grit minimum sanding marks on fresh paint.  Our unique aluminum oxide clustered abrasive has the power to quickly eliminate sanding defects without leaving the heavy swirls marks typically found in a traditional compound.

Body shops have come to rely on PowerGloss to speed up the buffing process while improving the paint quality of the finished vehicle.  Efficiency is further enhanced due to low dusting and minimal slinging reducing clean up time considerably.  If necessary on dark colors, you can go right to final polishing for a perfect finish with only two steps saving time and labor.

PowerGloss will safely restore the luster on aged; weather worn and oxidized paint and clear coat.  Scratches and heavy swirl marks are eliminated and not hidden since there are no fillers in the formulation.  The high concentration of finely milled diminishing size aluminum oxide powder work perfectly with either a wool or foam compounding pad.  PowerGloss can be used with either a fast cutting rotary polishing machine or a random orbital polisher.

Although PowerGloss is a compound, professionals have found that it will finish like a polish.  With its speed, efficiency, performance, and easy clean up, PowerGloss has become the new industry standard in professional grade buffing compounds.


SI 1500 - Super Intensive Polish PO83

Super Intensive Polish has become the industry standard for both the automotive OEM assembly plants as well as the professional reconditioning detailers.  The introduction of a new generation of scratch-resistant clear coat proved to be a difficult challenge for the conventional polishes.  A new polishing technology was required to eliminate the sanding scratches that are a result of the coating repair process.  These 2000 grit sanding marks had to be quickly repaired on the assembly line to ensure that the line would not be held up.  Despite the difficulty of the challenge, the engineers at Menzerna successfully developed the first generation of polishes for scratch-resistant clears.

Menzerna’s line of scratch-resistant polishes exceeded all expectations of polishing performance on fresh OEM applied paint, offering increased speed and levels of gloss that were not thought possible with conventional polishes.  The benefits of this technology carried over to aftermarket applications, becoming the most popular paint correction system for the professional reconditioning specialist.

Super Intensive Polish will correct light scratches and eliminate 2000 grit sanding marks on fresh paint.  If necessary on dark colors, it can be followed up with PO106 SuperFinish or PO85RD for an absolutely flawless finish.


PF 2500 - PowerFinish PO203

MenzernaUSA originally introduced the PO203S PowerFinish Polish to our range of liquid polishes as a medium-cutting polish. Our experience was that the PO203S had the same performance as Super Intensive polish SI 1500, and we needed a finishing polish with a higher gloss level that would still remove light scratches. We are pleased to introduce the PO203 PowerFinish, an exceptional one-step polish that will provide the higher gloss level for reconditioning and industrial finishing applications.

Part of the Menzerna family of polish for scratch-resistant clears, PowerFinish is suitable for both OEM and aftermarket applications.  This new formulation can eliminate 2500 grit sanding marks on fresh clears and provide a higher level of gloss than previously possible.  In most applications, it is a true one-step polish.





IP 2000 - Intensive Polish PO91E

Initially developed for the OEM industrial market, Intensive Polish was one of the first products that we introduced to the aftermarket and started a revolution in the industry.  Well know as the polish that thinks it is a compound, Intensive Polish will remove a 2000 grit sanding mark, light scratches and oxidation with either a random-orbital or rotary buffing tool.  Even with its fast correcting action, it will finish off with little dusting or splatter and leave a high gloss finish.






FF 3000 - Final Finish PO85U

The industry standard for professional body repair shops, Final Finish is the perfect compliment to PowerGloss for a two-step buffing process.  Using a high concentration of the finest quality aluminum oxide abrasive, any buffing marks from compounding are completely eliminated, leaving a beautiful high-gloss finish that is ready to deliver to your most demanding customers.

The finely milled abrasives leave no dusting even with the higher performance of a concentrated formula.  This performance edge will allow you finish the job faster without any compromise, reducing time and increasing efficiency.





SF 4000 - SuperFinish PO106FA

Representing the ultimate culmination of the development of our clear coat repair system,  SuperFinish is the industry standard for polishing scratch-resistant clears.  With its high powder concentration and improved liquid formulation, 2500 grit sanding marks can be removed on fresh scratch-resistant and conventional clears.  Defects are removed faster, with less dusting and minimal polish residue.

SuperFinish is our advanced solution for OEM assembly plant applications, body shops and detailing/reconditioning specialists.  It can be used with either a rotary or random orbital polishing machine.

If you are looking for a perfect, hologram and swirl-free finish on the darkest paint colors without any hiding or filling of defects, SuperFinish is your first choice for permanent defect repair.





SF 4500 - SuperFinish PO85RD

The first polish developed and used by the major German automobile manufacturers after incorporating new scratch-resistant clear coat finishes, PO85RD set the standard for a revolutionary line of polishing products.  With our exclusive proprietary polishing powder that is both extremely sharp and nano-fine, combined with a specific liquid base that allows for the perfect working time, no other product is capable of achieving such deep gloss on all dark colors.

Menzerna polish PO85RD can eliminate a 3000 grit sanding mark on fresh, scratch-resistant or conventional clear coats.  For the detail/recondition specialist, it is the one “go to” product for that final polish stage before applying wax or sealants.  Swirls, haze and holograms are completely eliminated permanently without any fillers that can mask minor defects.





Power Lock Polymer Sealant

The most advanced paint protection product available. MenzernaUSA realized the need for a paint sealant that would perform up to the level of our line of automotive polishes, and Power Lock Polymer Sealant has become the industry standard for the reconditioning-detail market.

We have formulated Power Lock with the maximum concentration of advanced polymers to provide exceptional durability, paint protection and the slickest feel in an easy to apply liquid. Not recommended for use in fresh paint areas.







Color Lock Carnauba Wax

Following on the success of our Power Lock Polymer Sealant, MenzernaUSA decided to offer a similar level of protection and durability in a true Carnauba wax. Carnauba is known for its rich warm glow and is the gold standard for automotive wax from car shows to exhibitions. Our goal with Color Lock was to combine the richness of Carnauba with the ease of application and durability of a modern polymer sealant. So now you have a choice...would you like a pint, or do you need a gallon?








NEW! Paint Refresh Professional Grade Detail Spray

New from MenzernaUSA, we are pleased to offer our customers the most advanced paint cleaning and gloss enhancing product available today. Paint Refresh has been formulated to remove dust, dirt and fingerprints from all paint surfaces, leaving a high gloss finish with the added benefit of a light protective barrier.

With one application Paint Refresh will leave the surface looking great and will also leave a smooth and slick-feeling without any harmful silicone. Paint Refresh will help to keep the surface clean by repelling water, dust and dirt with its anti-static formula.
Safe for all surfaces, Paint Refresh can be used on chrome, plastic and even glass without leaving any hazy residue.

Available in an economical 22 ounce spray bottle.




Top Finish Machine Glaze

Our new Top Finish Machine Glaze combines a light high-grade polish with a gloss boosting glaze that is perfect for fast and economical paint repair. Used after Power Gloss compound, Top Finish is the perfect compliment for an economical buffing system.

It has always been our philosophy that paint defects can be eliminated to the extent where there are no visible swirls, haze or holograms.  Our polishes are unique in that we do not add fillers that will temporarily hide these imperfections ensuring a truly corrected paint surface.  There are circumstances when just a little extra help is needed to achieve our goal of ultimate surface quality.

Our paint area safe formula is silicone free and perfect for the professional body shop.  Top Finish Machne Glaze will help to even out any minor haze that may remain after compounding.  The gloss of the entire car can be boosted to blend in with the newly repaired panels.  Customer satisfaction is guaranteed and the care you put into the job shines through.

Detailers can restore the finish on a car with paint correcting polishes, however there are some defects that are too deep to be repaired.  By using our Finishing Glaze, these problem scratches are much less noticeable and will look great after waxing.



Top Inspection TOP-500

One of the challenges of ensuring complete defect removal is the ability to inspect the surface for any areas requiring additional polishing.  Since the polishing process itself can mask these remaining areas with compound residue it is necessary to completely clean the surface.  Top Inspection was developed specifically for this purpose.

Top Inspection contains no silicone, is completely safe for use in paint areas, body shops, and finessing areas.  It is perfect for new car showrooms to eliminate fingerprints, dirt, dust and grime and will leave a perfect finish.  It is available in a convenient 500ml spray bottle.


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